The Surf Society - How It Works

Here's how The Surf Society works:

  1. Join The Surf Society - you can choose from different membership levels to meet your budget and stoke.
  2. Choose from any board in our inventory that's available to your membership level. For example, a Premium membership has access to any board, including any new boards we get - and we get a lot of new boards. A Basic membership has access to a subset of our board inventory - typically last year's models. Still awesome boards, just not brand new boards.
  3. Take your board and go surf. The board is yours to use for as long as you want. Ride it once and decide you don't like it or just want something different? Bring it back and swap it out for something else. Love the board and want to ride it all season? That's cool too. 



  1. How long does a membership last? A membership lasts one year. 
  2. Can I share a membership with someone else? No, sorry.
  3. Do you have monthly memberships? Yes, but these must be set up in-store. Come visit us if you want to set up a monthly membership.
  4. Do I have to pay for the annual membership all at once? Nope, you can set up monthly payments for your membership by using the Affirm option at check out. If you qualify, Affirm will pay for your membership and bill you in monthly payments. Learn more about Affirm here.
  5. What's the difference between membership levels? The only difference between membership levels is which boards and fins you have access to. Here's a breakdown:
    1. - Premium Membership + Fins: Access to *any* board in our inventory - literally hundreds of boards - as well as any premium fins. It's the ultimate way to ride whatever board you want and dial it in perfectly with high-end fin combos.
      - Premium Membership: Access to *any* board in our inventory. Take it with basic fins or use your own high-end fins.
      - Basic Membership: Access to about 50% of our board inventory. They're still awesome boards, they're just typically last-years models. You won't have access to any new boards we get for about a year.
      - Monthly Membership: Access to *any* board in our inventory. Take it with basic fins or use your own high-end fins.

Board Usage:

  1. Can I really swap boards as often as I want? Yep, that's the deal. Come grab the right board for the day's conditions, swell or mood. We want to keep you stoked.
  2. Can I really keep a board as long as I want? Yep, that's also the deal. Find a board you love and want to ride all season? It's all yours.
  3. What if I want to buy a board from your inventory that I fall in love with? Done. We'll hook you up. 
  4. What if I love a board but want to order a custom? We'll also hook you up.
  5. How often do you add new boards to your inventory? All the damn time. We love riding new boards as much as you do so we're always getting cool new boards for you to ride.
  6. What if I damage a board? Eh, it happens. We'll get it professionally repaired and bill you the cost of the repair with zero markup.
  7. What if I lose a board or it gets stolen? In that case we have to charge you for the replacement cost of the board. It sucks so be careful. We don't like it anymore than you do.
  8. Can I have someone else return, check-out or swap boards for me? No, sorry. We have to confirm your membership anytime you return, check-out or swap a board.
  9. What do I need to bring to return, take or swap boards? Just your photo ID. It's how we keep some random person from coming in, saying they're you, and taking a board in your name.
  10. Can I let my friends ride a board? Sure, while you have it it's your board, but you're responsible for it. 

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